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Stanozolol tabs by Vermodje for sale

Stanover 10mg (Stanozolol) 100tabs

Stanozolol tabs by Vermodje  for sale
Stanozolol tabs by Vermodje  for sale
Brand: Vermodje
Product Code: Buy Winstrol / Stanover / Stanozolol
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Package: 100 tabs * 10 mg

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Stanozolol 10 Steroid Profile

Manufacturer: Vermodje
Commercial name: Stanover 10mg
Pharmaceutical name: Stanozolol 10mg
Pack: 4 * 25 tabs (10 mg/tab)

Active Life: Oral form 7-10 hours;
Drug Class: Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid
Effective Stanozolol Dose: Women 5-10 mg/day; Men 30-100 mg/day
Acne: Low-probability side effect
High Blood Pressure: Rarely
Water Retention: No
Liver Toxic: low to medium, due to low doses
DHT Conversion: None
Aromatization: No, it is a DHT derivative
Decrease HPTA function: Low
Cycle: Cutting

Stanozolol tablets Effects

Stanozolol 10 mg is an active ingredient of Stanover, which dose is usually 10 or 50 mg per tablet, and it’s offered 100 tablets per pack. Stanozolol in tablets is a perfect anabolic for those athletes who do not want to take injectable suspension of Stanozolol.

For advanced athletes, Stanozolol 10 mg is usually stacked with other injectable testosterone-based steroids. Such compound is commonly taken by lot of athletes, as a result of growing strength without exceeding weight gain. In addition, major benefit that Winnie does not converts into estrogen and assists increases in vascularity. Winstrol is considered as a drug, which has a diuretic effect and has not risk of exceeding fluid retention.

Lot of bodybuilders and athletes buy Stanozolol and take it during cutting cycle for losing weight while keeping lean body mass. Also, Stanozolol tablets usually are stacked with other steroids and is conditioned by personal aims.

Stanozolol tablets Dosage

The average daily dose of Stanozolol is generally 30-80 mg. Usually Winstrol is not used alone, but is stacked with many other anabolic steroids coordinating with required aims. Methandienone, Testosterone, or Oxymetholone are added for bulking purposes. In addition, Stanozolol tablets may be used in combination with Halotestin or Trenbolone. Athletes use such combination mostly for dieting periods and competitions, because of its strongly defined effect and hard look of muscularity.

Stanozolol 10mg Side Effects

Winstrol is a 17 alpha-alkylated drug, that is why high dosages for a long time are toxic for user’s liver, so it is advised to reduce period of using it up to 40-42 days or even less. If Stanozolol is taken for a longer period, liver activity must be monitored via blood test.

Potential side effects of Stanozolol are hair loss, acne, breast tenderness, headache, voice changes, allergic reaction, changes in sexual desire, swelling of the legs, facial hair growth, frequent erections, difficulty sleeping, clitoral enlargement. Before you buy Stanozolol, make sure you have learned everything about this great substance.

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